The Professional

The Professional is the Woman Who Walks with the Grace of a Lady
and Stands True with the Strength of an Executive.
The Professional Woman Walks and Works in the World
of Income, Partnership, Products, Business and Services.

She Adapts and Thrives.
She is More than Capable,
She is Optimistic, Wise and Trustworthy.

THE PROFESSIONAL: The Professional Woman is inspired by her work. She is efficient, cheerful, accountable and expert.

SKILLED: The Skilled Professional is Effective in the Work World and Earns a Good Living. She is Flexible in Leadership and in Teamwork, too. She is Precise, Efficient and Competent.

ORDER AND BEAUTY: The Professional Releases and Cleanses. She tosses out the irrelevant, gives away what is no longer needed, she creates order and beauty in her office space, home and world. Her Optimism brings Good Cheer to her Business.

YOUR WORKS: What do you love about your work, job, avocation, art form?

YOUR SERVICE: If you had all of the resources necessary, what more would you like to be able to do?

Naming Your Professional: