The Home Maker

The Home Maker Creates the Bond of Caring
with Conversation, Togetherness, Helping Out, Feasts and Festivities.
Coming Home Means Being Welcomed.
The Home Maker Gathers Her Family at the Hearth and the Table
to Feed the Heart and the Tribe.

I Plan and Make Time with my Loved Ones.
I Serve Foods to Nourish the Body which Calls Us to the Table to Talk.

COMFINESS: I Decorate My Space for My Taste and Our Family Fun. My Eyes Love Art, My Feet Make My Floors Holy Ground and I Create Comfiness for Us. My Senses Enjoy Scent, Savor, Sound and Softness and I Provide that Atmosphere for Our Family.

FAVORITES: Home is Inside of Me…It’s Where My Heart Is. We Come Home to Rest and Relax with Our Loved Ones. I Make Sure that Our Home is Provisioned and that Everyone Is Included. We Come Home to Our Favorite People, Our Favorite Fun, Our Favorite Space and Our Favorite Foods. We Come Home to Create Special Projects Together. We Play Games, We Cook Up Food and Ideas…It’s Having Roots.

☛ What means home to you?

☛ What would you add to your home to encourage more togetherness?

☛ What would you limit or remove?

Naming Your Home Maker: