The Wife

The Woman who is a Wife Learns Unconditional Romantic Love.
My Beloved . . . My Husband
May the Fragrance Of Our Love Greet You
Each Time You Read these Sincere Words,
And Remind You of The Great Love
Stored in My Heart for You
And in Your Heart for Me
And of Our Unity

When a woman has found her Twin Soul she moves into the great role of intimate partnership.
She is a Best Friend and She is a Lover with no reservations. She gives all and receives all.
When a woman becomes The Wife, she is no longer alone. She forms a bond with The Beloved, the Twin Flame. It is one of those relationships the storybooks call a Great Love.
The two create a home and lifestyle where each is free to be autonomous and adored. They can immerse themselves in private bliss and refine their intimacy for their own renewal, maintenance and inspiration.
The Wife is the doorway of renewal. She is the chalice which invites life to enter. And, her mate, too, is revitalized by her welcoming embrace.
Together, they become a force for good in the world which is powerful and pure.

☛ What is next for The Wife role in you?

Naming Your Wife: