The Lover

The Lover has a Playful Nature for Blissful Laughter and Secret Joy.
She is Sensuous with a Capacity to Create the Baffling and the Flirtatious.
She has an Amazing Control over Pleasures and Energies.

A Lover and Playmate Beguiles
with Friendliness, Smiles and Sass.
She is Sunny, Funny, Flirty, Festive, Frisky, Free,
Effervescent, Enchanting and Joyful.

The Lover is The Flirtatious Female, the Woman Who Beguiles with Warmth and Friendliness, Flattery, Playfulness and a Certain Sex Appeal. The Playmate has a twinkle in her eye with kids. She is flirty and sexy with her man.
She can let go and relax and just enjoy all that she has with gratitude, delight and good cheer. She knows how to put aside her day-to-day responsibilities and take the time to love life.
She is funny and laughing with her friends. She is a little cowgirl wild and crazy sometimes with her girlfriends.

☛ What gives you the freedom and enthusiasm to indulge in being The Lover?

Naming Your Lover: