The Artist

The Artist is the Woman Who Expresses Her Creativity
in Her Taste, Her Aesthetics, Beauty, Fortitude and Fun.
The Woman Who allows Herself to Relax into the Creative or Poetic Voice.

The Singer Whose Voice Sings. The Designer Who Makes a Home.
The Painter Who Makes Pictures. The Dancer Who Lives Music.
The Storyteller Who Teaches with Inspiring Tales.
The Creator Who Directs Rituals.
The Humorist Who Incites Laughter with a Twinkle in Her Eye.
The Poet Who Wields Words.

THE INVENTOR: The Artist is the Gardener, Weaver, Interior Decorator, Photographer, Map Maker, Scrapbooker, Painter, Poet, Minstrel, Game Maker, Architect, Needleworker, Dancer, Designer…Quilter.

THE MAKER: The Artist is the Creative Woman Who Wields Words for Aesthetic Tales, Beauty and Inspiration. She is the Poet. The Maker of Music, Magic and Murals. The Singer of Songs. The Writer of Prose. The Weaver of Tapestries. The Night Dancer.

PASSIONS: She is Passionate about Colors, Capes, Butterflies, Balloons, Hats, Holidays, Pleasures, Pictures, Scents, Senses, Scenes, Secrets, Textures, Touch, Dreams, Dawns, Fibers, Flowers and Festivals.

REGRETS: What did you watch from afar? What regrets do you have? What lost hopes haunt you? What playfulness passed you by?

DESIGNS: What fun are you planning to do next? How can you bring those old dreams into today using the sparkle and wisdom you have gathered about being creative?

Naming Your Artist: