The Adventuress

The Adventuress is the Woman Who Goes Off On Journeys
In Her Imagination or On Her Feet.

She Craves to See the Sights, to Travel the Trails and Meet the Locals.
She Finds Fellow Travelers and, Together, They Multiply the Fun.
She Walks, Runs, Flies, Skis, Sails, Swims, Climbs, Explores.

SELF-RELIANCE: Young women need to explore, experiment, share, express, partner. One thrill at-a-time, she colors in her sense of identity. When she is free to follow the pictures in her mind’s eye, such autonomy solidifies her self-reliance and competence.

BUFFET: The Adventuress is curious about nature, cities, arts, languages, museums, roots and artifacts. She is a student of countries, cultures and cuisine and travels with her best friends. She relishes the trans-oceanic flight, the rappelling ropes, tropical birds, musicians in the streets, saddling a horse, standing in a waterfall, snorkeling a reef, hiking a mountain trail, painting along the Seine, walking along the beach.

YOUR CRAVINGS: What adventures do you long to take?

ADVENTURES FOR YOU: Which adventures are too bold for reality? Which ones will take some time?

PILGRIMAGE: Which trip would be meaningful to you as a pilgrimage?