The Friend

The Woman Who Befriends Her Sisters with a Bond
Which Stretches Across Miles and Time.

“Some people go to priests, others to poetry, I to my friends.” – Virginia Woolf
The Friend is the Woman Who Tends to Her Sisters and Her Neighbors.
She Befriends the Feminine in Herself and Others.
She Keeps Relationships Connected and Caring.
She is her Husband’s Best Friend.
She Spends Time Talking and Visiting with Women and Children.
Because of Her Friendship, We Never Feel Alone and We Always Feel Loved.

SHE SHARES AND IS NEVER ALONE: The Friend takes time. She shares her day-to-day life. She shares her ideas, fun, fears and gratitude. She shares her failures and triumphs. And, because is is a girlfriend, she is understood, affirmed, and known well. She lives the happy feminine bond of tending and befriending. With sister friends, a woman is never alone. Her truth, her life…her identity…are mirrored. The validation puts a certain stamp of approval on her and her world.

THE KEY IS LOVE: The great key to life is “to love and be loved.” The woman who is a friend is always strengthened to keep her head high and her feet moving forward. She is in a loving relationship with her friends.

FRIDAY FRIENDS: We choose a Friday Friend. We check in with each other. We Tend and Befriend by showing up, listening, sharing and encouraging. When a woman knows that she isn’t alone, her soul is fed the fuel of love.

RELATIONSHIPS: Women preserve relationships as a girlfriend, daughter, mother, spouse, wife, professional, employee, grandmother, friend, helper, hostess, neighbor, customer…friend.

Naming Your Friend: