The Mystic

The Mystic Has Travelled through The Dark Night of the Soul.
She is the Woman Who Trusts that She Carries the Infinite Power of Love.
The Mystic is the Woman Who has Endured The Ordeal of The Dark Night.
She Finds Freedom by Triumphing Over Fear.

She Releases Control through Letting Go and Acceptance.
Her Humility is Hard Won and Sensitive.

She has Experienced Powerlessness and Spiritual Ordeals.
She Rests in Reverent Awe at the Magnitude and Beauty of the Universe.
She Wears the Robe of the Elder.
Inner Peace and Clear Sight Never Leave The Mystic.
She Sees in Symbols and Archetypes. The Mystic Receives Visions. She Cultivates Dreams and is Guided by Great Truths and the Next Steps for Her Work.
The Mystic Touches Cosmic Life in her Meditations. Mysteries Make Sense to Her. Her Soul Has Attained Moments of Unconditional Love for All of Life. She knows spiritual bliss.

☛ When have you experienced moments of connection with the infinite or the awesome wonder about the Earth or the Universe?

Naming Your Mystic: