We Have Crossed the Line

We Have Crossed the Line

IMMEDIACY: When we cross the line, we immediately feel it.

BUFFETING OF CHANGE: I’m sure you have felt the buffeting of change. Change always means letting go of something in order to accept something else ~ usually something better.

We often forget or avoid walking the road of change completely because it requires our honoring of the pain of loss and we don’t want to grieve or drown in suffering.

DETOUR: It feels like a derailment, like a detour or sidestep in our direction. It requires us to live deeply rather than staying on the surface of practicality. Eventually, we build up so many losses that we are brought to our knees with stored sadness and can’t help but suffer. We can choose our intention. We can stand on the threshold of change and move through the transformational hardships to reach what is next. Or, we can turn away from the doorway to growth and continue to have our unfinished grieving weigh on us.

FORCED TO STOP: The pandemic ensures that we stop and consider. Stop and examine what to do.


Killing Off Success:

Masks Make Blindness.

Criticism Cuts Connections.

Babies Born Abandoned.

Judgement Damages Sincerity.

Competition Creates Losers.

Shame Smothers Souls.

Fear Makes Us Mean.

Trauma Triggers Terror.

Blame Becomes War.

Death is Desired.

But We Can Turn To a Different Door.

And Cross the Threshold with Courage.

We Have Crossed the Line

It’s too much.

We’ve gone over the line in our civilizations.

And, we need to be self-corrected.

How we are now living,

the culture we have been true to,

is destroying life.

Trauma is now a murderer, a killer.

It’s too much.

We can’t preserve people.

We can’t preserve health

with these kinds of directives,

with these ideals,

and things we care about.

We are killing off our success.

With ignorance and its blindness,

we write prejudice into our credos.

Eventually, the “us and them”

edges into conflict

until blame becomes war.

We are confused and grabbed

by the clothes of personality —

distracted by the kaleidoscope

of moving reflections on our screens —

feeling pulled by judgement and blame.

We walk into the darkness of the world’s sufferings,

secret pleasures which never satisfy,

addiction to distraction, drugs, sugar…

abused in a school bathroom, a date rape dorm,

dominators dressing down an underling,

babies born addicted, infant girls aborted,

murderous, vicious domestic violence,

starvation in impoverishment,

refugees camping in foulness and  filth,

collateral damage killings,

bullies feeding off a weakling,

children murdering children…

Facing the Dark

When the pandemic plague strips away structures,

schools and offices closed, with survival at the fore,

the basics are priority. Just life the goal.

We return to provide and protect,

to kitchen and connection, to family and friends,

to home, walks, pets and Nature.

The ordeal decimates and teaches what we love.

Just life and survival,

the dear friends and neighbors,

the passion to protect and drive to provide.

The desire to teach, the impulse to help…

the need to talk.

Surrender to Grief

And, then, when we can come out into the light,

eyes blinking, depleted, drained.

We can fly free when masks come off,

the blind illusions lose glamour

and our wounds are healing…

not having to walk on the ground of ordeals anymore…

shining, quicksilver, creative.

We weep tears of pain and grief

and we dry our cheeks

and validate the sadness

and separate from it

sensing what our hardships have made of us.

Cross the Threshold with Courage

Equipped with the fearlessness

of humility, we carry the courage

to face the lies and prejudice,

to speak the truth of reality,

of Nature and kindness.

Determined to stand strong for ours…

our spouse, children, friends, home and neighborhood…

our works and world. Our good.

We walk through the doorway to good.

Our goodwill for all.

-Heather Carlile

4/10/20 Good Friday

OKAY ~ WHAT DO I DO? We come back to ourselves…”What can I do? What do I do?”

KNOW SELF: When we turn into self-observation, we have the power to choose.

CAN’T STOP: Much of my career has been working with the endless dimensions of grief in a culture which denies that human necessity to stop and grieve. We must put our practical lives on hold. We must pause and live through the real pain of loss.

A WALK IN THE DARK: We are inexperienced and mystified by the walk through pain and tragedy. But, it is only natural. It is one of our walks. It is a walk in the darkness where we are not driving, we are stumbling forward not sure of the road ahead.

FORCED TO FACE THE SAD: When we can’t resist that walk, when we are forced to face the dark and the sad. We learn to be human…a being with a heart and soul. Just a person, humbled and immersed in the desire for life and light.

MUST MOVE: Change … loss … always moves forward, ahead to something more and better.

1. REMEMBER: First, we honor what was by remembering and caring.

2. FORBEARANCE: Second, we acknowledge the tragedy and suffering by forbearing the dark and powerlessness of mourning.

3. COURAGE: Then, our courage moves us to imagine better and to live into something more than what was lost.

DOORWAY: The moment we seek, we know what we can do, we know what to do. With a passion for good, we return to home. Home is inside and outside. We use our intelligence to cultivate our attitude and our relationships. We live the goodness through the doorway of virtue.

THE DOOR TO THE LIGHT: The only struggle is internal. But, with an interest in what is right, good and true, the door to the light opens and we can courageously choose to travel the high road.

And, that is how we can make the world a better place. That is how we turn away from the line which was crossed.

THE HIGH ROAD: Today, millions are pausing to see how we have crossed the line. It’s time to grieve and regret. Then, living the courage in ourselves, turn to the high road.

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MENTAL AGILITY: Learning to Use Our Minds Creates New Doorways.

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~ Know Self ~ Treasure Life ~ Love Others ~

What other students have said:

What features of the seminar did you find most valuable?

I enjoyed seeing each virtue from a new perspective. GREAT scrolls to work with.

Exposure to great spiritual writers, thinkers; practical application of virtues in an everyday way.

The study of virtues which is the program. I have grown in the time we have spent going over this material. I am truly stepping into another phase.

Through this material, I have changed this belief:

That spiritual practices can be studied and developed–they’re not lightning bolts that hit me out of the sky.

I am not limited to what and where I am now.

That I am a victim of my background; I can change the old patterns of self-worth; I can improve, follow my dream.

Through this material, these aspects of my goals have changed:

More dedicated than ever to living the virtues as fully as possible.

Slowing down, more daily focus on me and my goals and my meditation/prayer time.

To motivate myself into jobs and relationships beneficial to my spirit.

That I CAN accomplish a personal goal at any age, finishing college degree, dreams can happen.

Like about the presenter:

Her diversity/wealth/understanding of knowledge.

Her casual, comfortable delivery.

Her unconditional acceptance and appreciation for her students

Her willingness to share personally about her own journey.

Enthusiasm, devotion. You have displayed for me to see in your teachings open and honest love. My appreciation of this modeling is heart warming.

Her positive feedback, enthusiasm for our self-discoveries; her loving nature, sense of intense caring for each individual.

This material is new and different because:

Practical understanding and tools on learning from the virtues on a daily basis.

A blue print for spiritual growth along with modeling for mature relationships.

Total enjoyment–your energy, your sharing, your passion!

There is so much material to assimilate that it’s even tough to evaluate. It’s almost like there could be two courses–one on the virtues, and how they’re implemented every day, and another on the broader concepts. I enjoyed it very much and look forward to using my notebook for years to come!

I felt very fortunate to be a part of the virtue seminar and would participate in other such seminars. I felt good about sharing and listening and learning from others. Great teacher, Heather, very gifted, insightful, motivating.

~ ~ ~

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