The Practice of Virtue

The Practice of Virtue

Virtuous thought, words and behavior result in a natural ability to:

  1. Be empowered, be responsible and feel joy
  2. Live with inner peace and trust
  3. Accept reality with intelligence and gratitude
  4. Have respect and reverence for all peoples and all life
  5. Be motivated by the desire for purpose and meaning in life
  6. Apologize, forgive injury and, most of all
  7. Laugh and find humor in this very imperfect life on Earth!

When we take the step-by-step path outlined here, the achievement of strong and virtuous character may be clearly and logically pursued. These three simple practices require only commitment and implementation for success.

  1. Reading a Virtue Scroll
  2. Daily Retrospection (usually includes writing, notes or journaling)
  3. Writing a Virtue Diary or Checking a Virtue Chart
The Practice of Virtue Handbook

The Practice of Virtue Handbook












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