SOCKS! This year I gave my family socks. And, I wrote four poems about socks…silly ones (two featured my granddaughter’s proclivity to never match the socks she wears)! Here are the generic limericks…and my reading for your fun!







In the world of high fashion, they talk

of a common sense thing called a sock.

To top off attire

Or chill by a fire,

Oh, sockies, you truly do rock!


Amid boots, shoes, and mukluks so grand,

Socks emerge as the unsung demand.

While flip-flops parade,

And slippers charade,

Socks reign, the cosiest in the land!


Once a sock and a shoe had a chat

about walking fast (they had a spat).

The sock said with pride,

“I’m the one for the ride,

You just cover the sole, that is that!”


From Converse to Reeboks in stride,

Socks in comfort will always confide.

Though wingtips may dance,

In socks, there’s romance,

It’s in stockings where warmth will abide.


In a drawer, a new sock had a dream:

To be worn by a dancer, it seemed.

It twirled and it spun,

In the moon and the sun…

A sock pirouetted with gleam!


Oh, there once was a sock with a hole.

Its partner was out on a stroll:

“I’ll patch you up fine,

With thread so divine,

That, together, we’ll rock and we’ll roll!”


There once was a stocking, quite bold…

Its partner got lost in the cold…

It searched high and low

Through rain and through snow.

But, the dryer had swallowed it whole!


So here’s to the sock’s warm embrace,

Found in every possible space.

From sporty to elegant Docks,

Our feet declare, “Long live the socks!”

Oh yes, socks, YOU, we’ll never replace!


Happy Holidays from Heather

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