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ReWritingCoverWelcome to the portal for my ReWriting Your Future materials. I invite you to use my programs as a fast forward to the quality of life you desire.

Bon voyage!

Integrating Personality with

Purpose and Mission

LIFELONG LEARNING: ReWriting Your Future is a formalization of the growth process that is as old as the ages. When you mature to readiness for a deeper life, advancement is a freely-given ability for everyone who craves lifelong learning.

IS THIS ALL THERE IS? ReWriting Your Future exists because of people who require a lifetime of growth and quality of life. Those drawn to the demands of this transformational process have usually achieved most of the requisites that the larger society deems a successful and happy life. But, when they notice that they ‘have it all’ in many ways and that they feel an indescribable longing which says, “Is this all there is?”

MORE THAN AVERAGE: Perhaps future generations will naturally learn these insights from a more mature culture and more empowered parents. Meanwhile, the ReWriting Your Future adventure is one of the richest benefits for those who have entered adulthood with the robustness and desire for more than the average lifestyle.

STAND FOR THE BEST: You probably know stories about those who have chosen a new life. Most of us love to tell the tales of those who stood up for their strongly-held values. Perhaps they fought for their freedom or faced their internal stubbornness and went forward to another life. And, faced with new evidence from their own lives, they found the courage to stand up against their own strongly-held belief to pursue a different and better life.

You have the right to pursue your potential, your life’s mission and a higher truth in order to rewrite your future.

MENTORING: This program will mentor you to create the design which will guide you into the future you desire.

Four Mentoring Modules


Heather’s Journaling Guide