Resolutions? Revolt? Renew?

It’s New Year’s Eve of 2020.

DEDICATION: Yes, many will celebrate:

 ~ Toast joyfully with bubbly

 ~ Kiss their mates

 ~ Bathe in the showers of fireworks glitter.

And, they also think about making the next year better.

RESOLUTIONS: They Resolve to

 ~ Do the sacred release ceremonies letting go of the negative.

 ~ Re-image who they want to be rather than living with compromise.

 ~ Commit to new goals seriously for achievement and success.

 ~ Pledge accountability to replacing an unwanted habit from making ‘bad choices.’

Let’s look through the lens of kindness rather than accomplishment.

BUT BETTER IS BREAKS: These resolutions are sincere and constructive. And, let’s  notice how much kindness is missing. This seems to me to be stunted. It’s threaded through with pressure, feeling less-than, self criticism, fear of failure and, even, the burdens of guilt. I’m suggesting that we can progress towards success when we take care of ourselves by adding fun, hobbies, breaks and rest rather than obligation. Enthusiasm helps us fly faster and with less effort.


HOW MUCH ARE WE BLIND? Seldom do we see beyond our intelligent adherence to just half of our humanity…IQ (with EQ invisible).

DO YOU KNOW RIGHT AS WELL AS LEFT? What if we lived in a society which lived through the whole human brain?

What if we kept our intelligence and equally-developed our right brain?

Many of us have been pursuing the answers and we’ve been sharing wonderful discoveries—especially over the last four decades.

Pockets of people have stepped outside of traditions when the old ways got in the way of progress or peace.

SIX SENSES: We are missing the creativity, passion and, as Daniel Pink wrote so directly, people are attracted to autonomy, mastery and meaning. His Six Senses which require use of both halves of the brain are: Design (and Function), Story (and Argument), Symphony (and Focus), Empathy (and Logic), Play (and Seriousness), Meaning (and Accumulation).

KNOW YOURSELF: Pursuit of our personal creativity inspires excitement, motivation and delight. When we align our work with creativity and empathy there is often no need for an avocation or a hobby.

SELF MASTERY: Exploring and learning can teach us how to be more than competent, rather…gifted!

PLACE ~ PAYMENT ~ PURPOSE: With knowing and valuing both sides of the brain, we can have a world where all of our talents have a place, payment and meaningful purpose.

REVOLT & REPLACE: What if we built our months to replace the old ways by adding our right brain abilities? Right brain: nurturing, creative, playful.

For example: educating children with the loving wisdom in exemplary Montessori schools, paying our parents and teachers commensurate with the importance for such magnitude, etc.

WHAT ABOUT THE FEMININE? What will be different if we relax our self-concept of being human so that the natural feminine were understood and informed in both our women and our men? How would that contribute to whole-brained thinking abilities?

DROPOUTS: Some of us have been pursuing this understanding for many years. We see how we have prevented our ability to grow our human potentials. In my private practice, this is the very thing which informs my work to help dropouts from high school and college to find themselves and the place in the world where they are valued. They are usually whole-brained people! 

BELONGING: Whole-Brain or Right-Brain youth often live and feel like outcasts because of their school failures and being bullied while in our average, largely left-brained educational structures.  Sometimes they are Dyslexic and can become super successful because they access and master their right-brain skills. The journey to a sense of belonging in society in general may never be totally complete. But, they are just the ones our world needs today!

RENEW: So, I’m noticing how we can, turn away from the threads of criticism, inadequacy and the idea of ‘bad choices.’ Think symphonically vs being focused. Set your sights on play rather than seriousness, creativity rather than function, caring rather than logic and delight rather than argument!

Happy New Year from Heather!

P.S. Two of my favorite sort of books will give you some outrageous ideas:

A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future and DRIVE: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us both by Daniel H. Pink.

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