Masterclass: FutureFit Leadership for Women

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Masterclass: FutureFit Leadership for Women


This is not your standard leadership class.

Five Reasons from a Futurist:

  1. We are bombarded by signs that cause us worries, cynicism, hopelessness, and dread for the future.
  2. The truth is, we are in a vibrant and revolutionary era.
  3. Those of us, all over the world, who are strategizing and planning the improvements are, of course, not newsworthy!
  4. However, the signs of good people being inventive, innovative, and practical are heartening and inspiring.
  5. Each one of us has a part. We need to be able to look to the future with excitement, hope and practicality.

We have lived through the Agricultural Age, the Industrial Age and the Information Age. We must move into the Conceptual Age.

Join me in my Masterclass on November 28th at 7:00 PM CST as we explore the five reasons to focus on a positive future. Learn how to displace worries and frustrations with an optimistic and realistic vision.


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