Enneagram Workshop III ~ Relationships Part 2


Using the Enneagram to Understand and Refine Relationships
with Heather Carlile, MA, LPC-S

3CEU’s ~ $75 or $65 by November 13

Friday, November 15, from 1:00 to 4:00 PM
Training Room, 801 E. Campbell Road, Richardson, TX 75081

For more info call Heather at 214-636-5889


WORKSHOP: This is not a class, it is a workshop.

COUPLES & MARRIAGE: Romantic best friends can build a great marriage or committed relationship. And, their personality differences can trip up the best of intentions.

BETTER MARRIAGE COUNSELING: When I know someone’s Enneatype, I am about 70% faster in the beginning at assisting them in my private practice counseling for individuals and couples. It usually reveals the best source of skills as well as blind spots.

COMMUNICATION: Requisite to such a partnership, the most complex, intense and nourishing relationship for human beings, we now know, we need: good communication, problem-solving abilities and shared activities. But, if we assume that our mate thinks, is motivated and threatened by the same things, even the simplest topic can become negative and disconcerting or threatening.

IMMEDIATE FOCUS: Those couples with desire for sincere understanding, patterns for considerate honesty, generous forgiveness may find answers in books or in the media. But, this course focuses directly through the Enneatype for locating the specific aspects unique to each relationship.

1.    Creating a Composite Mastery Map. (Your focus is not all people, just your partner.)
2.    Uncover Latent Talents and Abilities which Relate to Purpose and Intimacy.
3.    Personality and Growth of Enneagram Maturity Levels.
4.    Unique Needs, Fears and Desires. Cycles of Conflict.
5.    Partners Strengths and Complementarity.
6.    Biases Learned in Family of Origin.
7.    Gender Differences.
8.    Quality Time Together & Languages of Love
9.    Harmony Comes with Honesty and Emotional Intelligence.
10.  Loving and Growing Together Requires Breaks and Recreation.

For more info call Heather at 214-636-5889


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