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Asking for Content and Entertainment?

Learn with Humor and Enthusiasm from Heather Carlile

Heather has been called

A Futurist

A Wizard of Human Nature

A Million-Dollar Soul

Presentations for:  Army Yellow Ribbon Conferences, Conventions, AT&T, Bank of America, Chase, Drees Custom Homes, Ericsson, GM, IBM, IRS, Johnson & Johnson, Nations Bank, UNT as well as in her private practice classes, CEU workshops for colleagues, public seminars and talks. Heather customizes her presentations to the objectives of the event or to provide Continuing Education Units for LPC and LMFT credit.


Five Subject Areas for Speaking and Workshop Topics

PURPOSE: Mentoring for Mission ~ ReWriting Your Future

COUPLES: Mentoring for Marriage ~ Designer Marriage

FAMILY: Mentoring for Parenting ~ Keeping Our Teens On Track

HARDSHIPS: Mentoring for Healing ~ Knowing & Preventing OuchRage

THE POWER OF NAMING: Mentoring Women in 20 Roles

Heather's Presentation Topics

Heather’s Presentation Topics


Wisdom & Humor:  A Teacher’s Call to Action

Heather’s voice and interaction evokes connection with trusted information and hopeful dreams through her expert and humorous wisdom.
Heather sounds an impassioned call which awakens desire for potential.
Her pragmatic vision and innovative knowledge quicken decision and commitment.
You will leave her presence with your own unique resolve and intention for action and creation.
Heather Carlile is always interested in customizing her work to meet the preferences of her audiences.

What her clients say:
IMG_3186 - Version 2*Fabulous speaker! Very empathetic and supportive.
* I was able to face my fears–redefine them and take steps to face them.
* I learned that I am not too old to change my subconscious directives.
IMG_2976* Want more! Wow!
* The instructor gave me confidence to make positive changes in my life (home/work).
* Heather is a dynamic speaker who you can tell loves her work and truly cares about helping us help ourselves. Thanks!!
* I will commit to my own code of conduct.
Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 8.51.17 PM* What was valuable was people sharing their thoughts/ideas and Heather building on those thoughts.
* Leader kept seminar upbeat and interesting. Liked participation of everyone. Was not boring at all.
* The most valuable part of the seminar was group interaction and comments put it into everyday life and made it real. To say is easy; to do is the task.
* Puppet illustration! Handouts!
* The most valuable part of the seminar was the instructor’s knowledge about stress.
Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 10.48.57 AM* Excellent role model (practices what she preaches).
* Upbeat — super powerful, direct, caring.* Charisma.
* The ability to define a seemingly “indefinable” process.
* A life-changing event for me!
* I can’t thank you enough; this class has been life changing for me. Your dedication, your energy, your focused attention; willingness to give of yourself is truly remarkable.
* It is a collage of modern materials–the best of the best.
* Heather is a dynamic speaker who you can tell loves her work and truly cares about helping us help ourselves.IMG_4121 - Version 2
* This has been an extraordinary process, providing great insight, discovery and growth for me. Thank you for being a catalyst for change!
* This is the most rewarding time investment I’ve ever made.
* Outstanding!!!!!

Contact Heather for questions and for her fee schedule.