Relationship Tune-Ups

Couples often return for a few sessions after time and events have changed things. For example: after the first one-and-a-half years of passion after a baby is born after stressful changes or events have been resolved after about a seven year cycle after a move, a job change, an illness, etc. I will hear from […]

Heather’s CEU Workshops

Heather’s CEU Workshops* Third Friday of Every Month NEXT: Friday, June 17, 2016, 1:30 – 4:30 pm My Best Methods and Exercises for Couples Pre-Register Online: $60 (or $70 at the door) Location: Stoney Hollow Estates, Plano, TX Call for Directions: 214-636-5889 I like to contribute to our community’s collaboration by fostering collegial connections.  

“The Three Y’s” Make Happy Marriage Communication

The Three Y’s: Yes ~ You ~ You’re Y – YES, you have my attention. (LISTEN) Y – YOU think ____? Yes? (MIRROR & CHECK) Y – YOU’RE wanting _____. Yes? (UNDERSTAND & CHECK) COMMUNICATION: When people call me for Marriage Counseling, they usually really want to be married to each other but something needs […]

Marriages and Mothers

CELEBRATING WOMEN AS MOTHERS: We celebrate mothers today. Families, mothers, husbands and children celebrate their own way. It’s one of those universal moments where we enter ritual space – stop time to pay attention to something we respect or treasure…something I think of as being on the continuum of caring which is love. MARRIAGE BEFORE […]

Sometimes “An Unsuitable” Comes Along

“The Unsuitable”  Love Awakened by an Unsuitable Suitor   What is it Teaching You?  We look through the fog of the old habits and take stock of who we want to be now. -Heather Carlile, MA, LPC  WHEN IS IT GOOD ENOUGH? As a Marriage and Relationship Counselor, sometimes clients come to me with an agonizing […]

My Most Requested Help as a Marriage Counselor

Most couples come for marriage counseling and they tell me that they have communication problems. I ask each of them: “If we can solve the conflict, do you want to be married to this person?” When each of them say’s “Yes,” my reply is: “Then we can handle this easily.” But, if all it took […]

Newest Resources for Stress Management

My talk for the Fourth Annual Compassion Fatigue Symposium today is Are You On Fire? or Are You Burning Out? Here are my handouts, links and references. I hope they benefit others. Heather’s Slides and Articles Your Enneagram Personality Style DO THE QUIZ: YOU TUBE VIDEO: Make Stress Your Friend: The fabulous Dr. Kelly […]