Mentoring a Generation

We are starting a generation based on the artful use of vast information and the focused implementation of schooled abilities in order to build healthy lives. DIRECTION AND DESTINATION: Thanks to the synthesis and culmination of advancements through the previous generations, we have the research and the knowledge to indicate the human direction and destination. We are at […]

The Relationship COSTS of Skipping IDENTITY in Adolescence

ONGOING CONFLICT IN MARRIAGE: Couples often continue to treat each other the same way they did when they were teens. One of the most tragic complaints I hear from couples in my Marriage Counseling sessions, is when they describe their arguments, fighting and resentment. Sometimes it has escalated into being mean, harmful, abusive or violent. They are […]

Infidelity: Cause #4. Lack of Skills

4. Lack of Skills in Intimate Relationships. Marriage or Intimacy Require that a Couple Be Two Things: Best Friends and that they Have a Romantic Bond. INEPT MEN: I think that romance is a skill. Tragically, I see some cultures, North America among them, lack male role models and mentors who show guys the ropes […]

INFIDELITY: Cause # 3. Lack of Knowledge about Intimacy

  3. Lack of Knowledge about Intimate Relationships Reading even a couple of chapters of a book or studying a few websites on relationships, watching a couple of videos on You Tube can make a startling difference in the quality of your friendship, your intimacy (sexual, mental and emotional), your home life and your parenting.  […]

INFIDELITY: Cause #2. Lack of Emotional Intelligence

As a marriage counselor, I’ve worked with hundreds of couples. Each relationship is unique and yet I can describe four general patterns that are at the root of most infidelity. Lack of Maturity Lack of Emotional Intelligence Lack of Knowledge Lack of Skills 2. Lack of Emotional Intelligence POWER AND CONTROL: People compensate for under-developed […]

When Couples Counseling Isn’t Enough

WHEN SKILLS DON’T SOLVE THE CONFLICT: What helps us make progress when couples counseling isn’t enough? Many of my clients come to my private practice office when they are in conflict and want to find their way back to happiness, trust and intimacy. But, after I work with them on their problem-solving abilities, communication, gender […]

International Women’s Day

Judy Chicago was 75 last year. Her historical work, The Dinner Party, has inspired my reverence and my devotion to equality for men and women for over 20 years. This year I took action. I researched more and now I have something forming in my goals about facilitating a women’s group aided by this monumental […]

Relationship Tips for Parents and Families

I created this presentation on Family Relationships in response to a special request I received via email. I’ll share it anonymously here because I was so honored by the interest in my work:  Dear Ms. Carlile  I am a Family Counseling, MA student and have seen almost all of your videos on YouTube.  I have […]