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Designer Marriage Handbook

Designer Marriage Handbook

Hi everyone, this is Heather.

On February 5th, I’ll be autographing my new Designer Marriage Handbook at The Kitchen Café.
The guests at the DINNER DATE with Jack and me will be the first to purchase my new handbook.

I decided to take advantage of National Marriage Week to quickly share my top tips with fun and festivity. So, don’t wait too long.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014
Dinner 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Admission: $39 per couple

Complete Details about the DINNER DATE with Heather and Jack


Designer Marriage Handbook

Couples Communication Module

Introduction with the Designer Marriage Model
I. Common Sense Communication Components
II. Languages of Love & Respect
III. Stopping Toxic Communication and Marriage Meetings
IV. Emotional Intimacy & Forgiveness


Pre-order your Designer Marriage Handbook:

Heather Carlile’s
Designer Marriage Handbook
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I often tell couples, “I will fight for your relationship, marriage or family even when you want to give up.”

I am a Marriage or Relationship Counselor because I think that the best thing in life is always being able to come home to A ROMANTIC BEST FRIEND…an intimate partner. Intimate relationships are the most complex, most important and most difficult endeavors in life. I have seen hundreds of couples in my private practice. I give my best and, if the desire love is still there, I know we can reinvent the relationship to a higher level of maturity and value. And, sometimes, they waited too long. Then my only work is to help them be respectful, if not kind, as they carefully unwind their lives and their family.

My advice is to keep learning, growing and loving better. Relationships thrive on NOVELTY AND AROUSAL.

We have all heard: “You have to work on your marriage.”

Do you know what that “work” looks like? I sure didn’t. So, now it’s my business to know what to do and to be able to convey it to you. I always feel set when I hear: “That makes sense.”

And, the next thing I hear is a golden question: “What do we do?”

Carlile Marriage Model

Carlile Marriage Model

Ah, there are so very very many things we can do. And, each couple has it’s style. So, as you know, there’s no one right answer. There’s a huge menu to choose from and an even bigger list of options which suit the individuals and their lifestyle. Thus, my book is the Designer Marriage Handbook. It is meant to be used rather than just read and put down. I originally created the Carlile Marriage Model to depict all of the elements of a great marriage lifestyle on one page. Then I built homework assignments as an extension of the diagram for the couples who came to me for marriage counseling. Eventually the first handbook was a synthesis of the handouts for a Couples Communication Class. Now, I’m making it available to anyone who wants my distilled resources.

Links to my talks on You Tube are now part of the handbook lessons, and that makes it as close as you can get to my personal mentoring without a class or a private session. I want you to have a great marriage…a Designer Marriage. My focus is to give you my best knowledge and coaching to create the private life that is your solace, your peace, your sexiness, your play and your friendship.




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