Many Women Not Safe with Men

OUR TRANSFORMATIONAL TIMES: I consider myself privileged to be alive in this generation. We are studying what doesn’t work and exploring how to significantly  improve our cultures, societies and countries. As a Marriage Counselor, this is my relentless mission for relationships. In Geneva in June, the data gathered by our World Health Organization reported on “the first systematic review and synthesis of the body of scientific data on the prevalence” of violence against women.

NEED TO TEACH COUPLES: In my marriage and those of our friends, our men and women are not only safe with each other, they are loved. I’m firmly convinced that we know how to mentor men and women in creating healthy and respectful relationships. And the next task is to deliver that knowledge and teach those skills to those who are ready and willing.

WORLD HEALTH ASSEMBLY: “During the Sixty-sixth World Health Assembly in May 2013, seven governments – Belgium, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, United States of America, and Zambia – declared violence against women and girls “a major global public health, gender equality and human rights challenge, touching every country and every part of society” and proposed the issue should appear on the agenda of the Sixty-seventh World Health Assembly.”

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YOU TUBE/HEATHER CARLILE: And, this is my first announcement about my You tube Channel: up to now, I have recorded 60 one-hour mentoring videos which Jack and I uploaded onto You Tube in March. I’m happy that I’ve received over 2,300 views organically. I hope this helps make better marriages and makes our women safe with our men.




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