Ascendancy of Woman

The Great Epoch ~ The Ascendancy of Women ~ At the Threshold of the New World. Helena Roerich is one of my Heroines.

This year I discovered this letter and decided to share the wisdom of Helena Roerich as a beginning of this month which celebrates International Women’s Day. The Truth…Heart.

All Cosmic energies are attracted to the heart, and the heart assimilates them. The heart manifests in life all aspirations. The fire of space is attracted to the heart and the whole Cosmic process lies in this  principle. Therefore, the Cosmos exists in the attraction of the heart. Only the energies which are based on the attraction of the heart are vital. Thus, infinitely, the chain of life is forged by the heart.” Have you listened to your heart? Does it beat in rhythm with the Perfect Heart which embraces all of you?

Though this was written 95 years ago, it is fresh and accurately-written for my life’s mission today which is “to know and live the goodness, beauty and truth of the female.”

You can read of her remarkable life and marriage on Wikipedia. I welcome your comments and requests.


March 1, 1929

THE APPROACHING GREAT epoch is closely connected with the ascendancy of woman. As in the best days of humanity, the future epoch will again offer woman her rightful place alongside her eternal fellow traveler and co-worker, man.

THE DUAL ORIGIN: You must remember that the grandeur of the Cosmos is built by the dual Origin. Is it possible, therefore, to belittle one Element of It? All the present and coming miseries and the Cosmic cataclysms to a great degree result from the subjugation and abasement of woman.

WOMAN IS DEPRIVED OF EQUALITY: The dreadful decline of morality, the diseases and degeneration of some nations, are also the results of the slavish dependence of woman. Woman is deprived of the greatest human privilege— complete participation in creative thought and constructive work. She is deprived  not only of equal rights, but, in many countries, of equal education with man. She is not allowed to express her abilities in the building of social and government life, of which, by Cosmic Law and Right, she is a full-fledged member.

A SLAVE CAN ONLY GIVE SLAVES: But a woman slave can give to the world slaves only. The proverb “great mother, great son” has a Cosmic, scientific foundation. As sons mostly take after their mothers, and daughters after fathers, great is Cosmic justice! By humiliating woman, man humiliates himself!

TERRORS AND CRIMES OF TODAY: This explains today the paucity of man’s  genius. Could the terrors and crimes of today be possible if both Origins had been balanced?

WOMAN, THE MOTHER: In the hands   of woman lies the salvation of humanity and of our planet. Woman must realize her significance, the great mission of the Mother of the World; she should be prepared to take responsibility for the destiny of humanity. Mother, the life-giver, has every right to direct the destiny of her children. Woman, the mother, should be heard amongst the leaders of humanity. The mother suggests the first conscious thoughts to her child. She gives direction and quality to all his aspirations and abilities.

KNOWLEDGE & BEAUTY: But the mother who possesses no thought of culture can suggest only the lower expressions of human nature. The woman who strives to knowledge and beauty, who realizes her lofty responsibility, will greatly uplift the whole level of life. There will be no place for disgusting vices which lead to the degeneration and destruction of whole countries. But in her striving toward education, woman must remember that all educational systems are only the means for the development of a higher knowledge and culture.

CULTURE OF SPIRIT & HEART: The true culture of thought is developed by the culture of spirit and heart. Only such a combination gives that great synthesis without which it is impossible to realize the real grandeur, diversity, and complexity of human life in its Cosmic evolution.

PRINCIPLE OF SYNTHESIS: Therefore, while striving to knowledge, may woman remember the Source of Light and the Leaders of Spirit—those great Minds who, verily, created the consciousness of humanity. In approaching this Source, this leading Principle of Synthesis, humanity will find the way to real evolution. And woman is the one who should know and proclaim this leading Principle because from the very beginning she was chosen to link the two worlds, visible and invisible.

POWER OF SACRED LIFE ENERGY: Woman   possesses the power of the sacred life energy. The coming epoch brings knowledge about this great omnipresent energy, which is manifested in all immortal creations of human genius. Western woman is awake and realizes her powers. Her cultural contributions are already evident. However, the majority of Western women—as with all beginners—start with imitation, whereas, it is in original self-expression that real beauty and harmony are found.

ORIGINAL SELF EXPRESSION: Would we like to see man losing the beauty of manhood? The same is true about a man who has a sense of beauty. He certainly does not wish to see a woman imitating his habits and competing with his vices. Imitation always starts with the  easiest. But we hope that this first step will soon be outlived and that woman will deepen her knowledge of Mother Nature and will find true, original ways of self-expression.

PERPETUAL CHANGE OF FORM: The Cosmos manifests unity of law, but there is no repetition in its variety. Why then does humanity alone strive toward uniformity in everything, while at the same time it violates the fundamental unity of law? Uniformity of perception, uniformity of life, and especially uniformity of thought is cherished by man. It is forgotten that uniformity of expression leads toward stagnation and death. Life and its power are in perpetual change of form. It is necessary to apply this life giving principle in all the expressions of our life.

BEAUTY OF ALL TIMES: Let us collect the most beautiful, heroic images of all times and countries, and with creative imagination let us apply their achievements in our life, taking into consideration the peculiarities of our epoch. Only such imitation will give the correct foundation for further progress.

DISUNITY VS PRINCIPLES OF CREATIVENESS: I shall finish my address to woman with a page from The Teaching of Life: “When nations started disunity, the result was self destruction. Only a return to balance can stop this self-destruction. Humanity does not apply the principles of creativeness in right proportion and thus violates the foundations of Being. When by the law of the Cosmic Magnet the lower forms are subordinated to the higher, this concerns only the energies which should be transmuted. But when the Origins are called to create and give life, it is impossible to remove one of the Origins without self-destruction. Therefore, humanity will start its real evolution only when both Origins are affirmed in life.  All principles which do not include the understanding of the dual Origin can only increase the lack of balance.

GRANDEUR OF DUAL POLARITY: Humanity must understand the law of the Cosmic Magnet. Much can be done for evolution by the realization of the grandeur of the dual Origin which is the basis of Life.” Even this simple truth still does not find its place in the consciousness of man! Our scientists—biologists, chemists, physicists—should know the truth about the dual Element, or polarity, but they are silent. And such truth, in its most sacred and vital application, is scorned, and the rights of the strong selfishly dominate.

BLIND TO UNITY WITH THE COSMOS: The trouble is that the mind of man is disconnected from its source—the Cosmic Mind. Being part of the Cosmos, the   human being yet does not see his solidarity, his unity with the Cosmos. And his observations of the manifestations of nature do not suggest to him any analogies. However, only in observations and comparisons with human nature is it possible to find the keys to all the mysteries of life, and therefore the solution to many problems of everyday life. People, like parrots, love to repeat the favorite ancient formula “Macrocosm is microcosm”! Much is said, much is repeated, without the proper attention to its meaning!

DOGMAS CREATE AUTOMATONS VS FREEDOM OF THOUGHT: The enforced dogmas, human laws, and the standard of life have caused humanity to neglect the process of thinking, and the human mind, with rare exceptions, has become an automaton. Everybody is preaching various freedoms, but the most opposite schools of thought agree in one thing— they all are afraid of freedom of thought!

Therefore, woman must defend not only her own rights but the right of free thought for the whole of humanity! Through the development of thinking, our abilities will expand. Let us think with the broadest, the purest thoughts. It is said: “The kingdom is not made up of royalties or of subjects, but is created by Cosmic ideas. Let us create our own cities, our countries, our planets! But let such thought be created by the heart, as only thought born of the heart is vital. The heart is the greatest Cosmic Magnet.

ATTRACTION OF THE HEART: All Cosmic energies are attracted to the heart, and the heart assimilates them. The heart manifests in life all aspirations. The fire of space is attracted to the heart and the whole Cosmic process lies in this  principle. Therefore, the Cosmos exists in the attraction of the heart. Only the energies which are based on the attraction of the heart are vital. Thus, infinitely, the chain of life is forged by the heart.” Have you listened to your heart? Does it beat in rhythm with the Perfect Heart which embraces all of you?

TRANSMUTE THE SPIRITUAL LIFE OF MANKIND: Thus, I shall finish with the words about the heart. Let woman affirm this great symbol, which can transfigure the whole of life. Let her strive to transmute the spiritual life of mankind. The mother, the life-giver, the life-protector—let her become also the Mother, the Leader, the All-Giver, the All-Receiver.

The voice of GREAT WOMEN INITIATES: Helena Roerich

Helena Roerich, Born 02/12/49 – 144 years ago in St. Petersburg, Russia

SHE WHO LEADS: Nicholas Roerich wrote about their marriage in his declining years: “We passed amicably any obstacles. And the obstacles turned into possibilities. I devoted my books: ‘To Helena, my wife, friend, partner and inspirer’.” Many of Roerich’s paintings were a result of their common creativity. He called her “She who leads” in his books, and asserted that on many his canvases, two signatures should be written: his own, and hers. “We created together, and not without reason it was said that the works must have two names, women’s and men’s.”

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