Future Fit Leadership for Women

Experiential Workshop for Women Who Want More!

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Future Fit Leadership Development

            using Archetypes at Work

There has never been a better time for women in leadership. 

  • This empowering experiential workshop is for women who desire to lead authentically, meeting the high demands of today’s fast-paced world.
  •   As we move into this new era, we need to embrace our gifts and learn how to activate our untapped potential.
  • Archetypes are characters which represent universal roles that we can all recognize. Learning about these recognizable characters can help us gain self-awareness and compassion for ourselves and others.
  • We are all the lead character in our own “reality show.” We’re also the writer and director. Learn to invite any of our ten roles to take the stage when we need that ability and that we have the key to call on allies who are waiting for us in the wings.

We will introduce each of the Archetypes by fully embodying its unique Perspective using mindfulness, yoga and interactive exercises.

UNDERLYING PATTERNS: Archetypes are the underlying patterns of human nature and experience that are, often invisibly, “running the show.” They deeply inform the character we present to the world and the culture of any group, team, or organization. The better we understand these underlying patterns and the more consciously we use them, the more effective we will be.


Heather Carlile 214-636-5889, Lynn McCracken 214-470-7752, and Pamela Twigg 301-338-0409 have earned APR (Archetype Preferences Report™ ) certification as De-briefers from a new international academy to mentor leadership, and completed the training to be certified as members of the international Archetypes at Work™ Guild.

They have collaborated to offer the skill set from Archetypes at Work™ which developed this new scientifically-validated method to assess and develop people and organizations to become fit for the future. 🟥









The foundation of the program is the seminal work of Dr. Laurence Hillman and Richard Olivier in their book, “Archetypes at Work: Evolving your story, one character at a time.”

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