Future Fit Leadership for Women Workshops

Workshops for Women Who Want More in 2024!

Future Fit Leadership for Women

using Archetypes at Work™

There has never been a better time for women in leadership

(This is not your standard leadership course.)

It’s a Game Changer

LEADERSHIP: Do you catch yourself being too Tough? Testy? Timid?

Turn to your optimum self by clearly knowing which of your roles will be best as your center-stage actor.


UNDERLYING PATTERNS: We replace left brain logic with systems. Archetypes are the larger underlying patterns of human nature which, often invisibly, “run the show.”

YOUR CAST: Befriend your cast of characters and take charge of who needs to take center stage.

EXPERIENTIAL WORKSHOPS: We introduce each of the Archetypes by fully embodying its unique perspective using whole-brain experiences, mindfulness, visualization and interactive exercises.

DIRECTOR: You are the  lead  character in your own “reality show.” You’re also the Writer, Director and Stage Manager! Learn to invite any of your ten roles to take the stage when you need that ability. Archetypes at Work™ is the new key to call on allies ‘waiting for you in the wings.’ We become the visionary storytellers leading with our most appropriate role.




REVOLUTIONARY TIMES: This empowering workshop is for women who desire to lead authentically, meeting the high demands of today’s fast-paced and evolving world.


As we leave the Information Age, futurists show that human abilities have become more important than the logical world. We will be more effective focusing on the whole brain intelligences.

  • UNTAPPED POTENTIAL: As we move into this new era, we need to embrace all of our gifts and learn how to activate our untapped whole-brained potential.
  • FIVE REALMS OF LIFE: You will determine your optimal functioning in each realm of your life:

ALL TEN ROLES: Your characters, reveal clear strategies for future success.

APR REPORT: When we have our APR, Archetypal Preferences™ Report, we name our archetypes or our ten roles. We see which we typically put in starring roles (maybe over-used) and which are missing because they are off stage.

THE FUTURE FIT FEMALE: It’s time. It’s time to be future fit as leaders. We lead best with clarity and purpose. We are forming a whole-brained view.

WHOLE-BRAIN THINKERS: Daniel Pink’s “A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future” indicates six right-brainer’s abilities and predicts how the left brain abilities will be replaced by AI. These less logical skills are more inherent in the female brain making us more future fit:

  1. 1.Not just function, also Design
  2. 2.Not just argument, also Story
  3. 3.Not just focus, also Symphony
  4. 4.Not just logic, also Empathy
  5. 5.Not just seriousness, also Play
  6. 6.Not just accumulation, also Meaning.

GLOBAL VIEW: We walk away from concerns and cynicism about the future towards an optimistic global view.

The Future Fit Trio

Heather, Lynn and Pamela are Guild Members in a new international academy for mentoring leadership. We share a mission for coaching women to live their potentials.

Archetypes at Work™ developed this new scientifically-validated method to assess and develop people and organizations to become fit for the future.


The Archetypal Preferences Report™ reveals how much or how little you use each of the ten archetypal roles.

APR plus your 1-hour Personal DeBrief: $300

THE COURSE: 7 Workshops

SEVEN THURSDAYS: 90-min LIVE Interactive Classes (recorded for replay)


TIME: EST 7:00 – 8:30 PM. CST 6:00 – 7:30 PM. PST 4:00 – 5:30 PM.

7 WORKSHOPS FEE: $350 ($300 if registered by December 15)

TOTAL FEE: (Workshops + APR)$650 ($600 if registered in advance)

REGISTER AT: https://heathercarlile.com/product/future-fit-leadership-for-women-five-realms-of-growth/

We invite you to join us!

Email: heather@heathercarlile.com

Call on the Future Fit Trio

Heather Carlile ~ 214-636-5889

Lynn McCracken ~ 214-470-7752

Pamela Twigg ~ 301-338-0409

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