April 5, 2014: Relationship Cruise with Heather & Jack

Picture 2It’s 2014 and I am making this year like none other. First, I am announcing my Relationship Cruises.

Many times over the years as a private practice marriage counselor I’ve said, “If I could give you a prescription, it would be to get away from everything. I’d want you to go for a vacation near water or mountains.”

Now, I’ve created Relationship Cruises to fill that vacation prescription for you!

My top recommendation for renewing yourself and your relationship is being pampered on a cruise so you can focus your attention on  each other. And, I travel with you because I want to ensure that your vacation includes my proven relationship mentoring which emphasizes friendship, funniness and festivity.

Heather’s Valentine 2014 Cruise will embark from the Port of Houston on the Caribbean Princess on April 5, 2014. I want this to be in time for you to give yourselves a memorable Valentine this year.

There are two things critical to an intimate relationship: 1) Best Friends and 2) Romance.

Tell me: What is better than a cruise? Well…a cruise with Heather!  On a cruise, BEST FRIENDS have time to talk and to share experiences of the best sort. You are away from your regular world and the whole profession for cruise ship employees is to pamper you and to coordinate fun adventures.   And…ROMANCE: you have time to relax, to find each other across the table, the cocktail, the pillow, the pool, the massage table, to share pleasures of all kinds and to be playful. Your responsibilities are onshore and  you are set free to come and go for privacy or for beauty in enjoying tropical sensory delights together.

We have a full seven days. Just the best getaway for adults. It give us three days at sea for me to mentor you in my top tools for staying BEST FRIENDS and ROMANTIC LOVERS.

And, one last benefit, my husband, Jack, is joining us for this cruise. He has his own special brand of humor and mentoring so that, with us together, the fun can’t get any better.

Join us! We love to make new friends and to ensure the fun.

IMG_5719 - Version 2P.S. Jack and I have been on Argentine Tango Cruises in the Caribbean and in the Mediterranean. He handles his sea sick feelings with a special instrument (he calls it his wristband) invented for stunt pilots. So, just in case that’s holding you back from signing up…no sweat. The wristband works in seconds. It’s another advantage which goes along with our access to modern technology.