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SAVE THE DATE: July 29th
1:30pm – 4:30pm with Heather Carlile, MA, LPC-S
THREE Credit Hours for LPC and LMFT
$60 ($70 at the door)

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Parts & Paradoxes: Healing through Ordeals

Parts and Paradoxes (by request)

How to successfully reframe the ordeals, troubles, wounds and tragedies away from victimhood and for empowerment. Helping people heal and walk away from the hurts so they are set to accept what’s next and better.

Use the Depth Psychology method I simplified for working with clients  who are confused by tragedies and wounds. Learn how to show the GIFT which lies in the shadow, the wound, the tragedy or the hardship. Learn how the three modern motivators have replaced the power and control motivation through the use of the carrot and the stick.

You will learn how to teach those in the middle passage of life about The Destroyer phase. Using the Seven Lifetime Dilemmas is the most direct path away from  judgement. How you can implement our Parts, SubSelves or Archetypal Roles to expand the sense of identity with The Power of Naming.

The Power of Naming: The Seven Developmental Archetypes and the Seven Lifetime Dilemmas. Identifying Childhood Heroes and Life Scripts reveal the major Gifts and Curses hidden in personality. 

Heather’s classes always include handouts, access to her online pdf’s and color copies of her models.

Address for the location is supplied to you when you register.

Starbucks Coffee Served.

Previous Comments: “I’ve been attending CEU courses for over 30 years and I have never before received this many practical resources.” “Heather is a teacher of personal and professional excellence.” “The materials are the best I’ve seen.” “I really appreciate your authenticity and genuine passion for teaching.”

Heather Carlile has been assigned these CEU Provider Numbers for the State of Texas:

LPC CEU Provider #1448
Effective 08/31/07 to present
LMFT CEU Provider #255
Effective 09/12/07 to present

The Power of Naming: Using the Gift that's Hidden in the Wound

The Power of Naming: Using the Gift that’s Hidden in the Wound