2019 ~ Speaking

My NSA-NT Member Power Portrait for 2019 Heather Carlile, MA, LPC-S heathercarlile.com heather@heathercarlile.com 214-636-5889 Topics: Mentoring a Generation in five subjects. PURPOSE: Mentoring for Mission ~ ReWriting Your Future COUPLES: […]

Mentoring a Generation

Mentoring a Generation Connecting the Dots of Life The Artful Use of Vast Information We are starting a generation based on the artful use of vast information and the focused implementation of […]

Top Parenting Resources

As a couples or marriage counselor, my first question is, “Do you have kids?” If, “Yes,” then I want to know how the children are doing. Children and their health […]

When We Forgot the Female

When did the Killing Come? When We Forgot the Female. When did the killing come? When did competition get credence? When was war welcomed? It Started So Small It started […]

Gift Getaway for Well Women

International Women’s Day Women Are: Healthy – They are Well in Body, Mind & Heart. Caring – They Bring Water to Thirsty Souls. Strong – They Carry Stories of Suffering […]

Partnership: Family is First

PARTNERSHIP On this, the eve of International woman’s Day, I share the poem which came pouring out over the last three days. It’s my civil and thoughtful little rant. I […]