Enneagram Workshop – One True Type

Enneagram Workshop ~ One True Type

Ensuring that you know how to accurately ‘Type’ yourself and your clients.

with Heather Carlile, MA, LPC-S

Friday, September 20, from 1:00 to 4:00 PM

3CEU’s ~ $75

Training Room, 801 E. Campbell Road, Richardson, TX 75081

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WORKSHOP: This is not a class, it is a workshop.

FIRST KNOW THYSELF: The Enneagram, first, is the best means for self-knowledge and self mastery. My view is that learning our own personality is a requisite foundation in ‘walking our talk.’ And, of course, especially so for those of us in the helping professions.

WORLDWIDE: Since I began using and teaching the Enneagram Personality Style Inventory over 25 years ago, usage of the Enneagram has exploded. Russ Hudson and other Enneagram experts are teaching on every continent. It has become a common language with many of my colleagues. Some clients come specifically because they want help through the Enneatype personalities. Now, The International Enneagram  Association sponsors an annual conference.

MISUSE: The Enneagram, in the form of the RHETI and it’s interpretation through the Enneagram Institute, is my most effective and useful avenue for accurately understanding what I identify as the Default Personality. I view the Enneagram as one of the tools which is so powerful that it can be misused, misinterpreted and detrimental unless taught well.

WORKSHOP PREP: To take full advantage of this workshop, you need to gain trust in your ability to understand how the Types work. The best way to learn this ability is to first practice doing it independently. Bring your RHETI scores and/or the scores of a friend, couple or client.

SECOND TEST: If you did your RHETI in the past, do it again! having an overlay of your different scores is an indicator of how you are affected by the unfolding journey of your life. And, this may be a contributing factor in confusion about an E-Type.

RHETI: Go to: enneagraminstitute.com

HANDOUTS:  As always, I will provide color handouts for you to use both in our training and as a tool in your life and work.

THERE IS ONE TRUE TYPE: The majority of the time will be spent on your questions, on your confusion in being clear about your true Enneatype and accurately identifying another’s true E-Type.

PRACTICE: You will work directly with and practice with a partner. We will use difficult personalities and cases until you are confident with the three triads and the delimiters within each triad to exclude all but the relevant dynamics.

ACCURACY: When someone is miss-typed, there’s often confusion, mis-direction, distrust and lost time. Misunderstanding in families, marriages, friendships and with colleagues can create further hardships. Then, we need to carefully retrace steps to start over with relevant strategies to locate the one, true E-Type.

LOGICAL CAUSES: As professionals, we have the knowledge to prevent this dilemma and to show the logical causes of the mistakes.

NOT A FIX: I agree with one of our best corporate Enneagram experts, Michael J. Goldberg in his book “The 9 Ways of Working: How to Use the Enneagram to Discover Your Natural Strengths and Work More Effectively” when he writes that

“…the Enneagram is not employed to best advantage when it is used to “fix” people, either in the sense of repairing them, or in the sense of defining them.”

I have great respect for the almost infinite dimensions of learning about these Types and am devoted to teaching through the views of knowing human beings, their infinite complexities and yet universal abilities.

TWO TOP TOOLS: Practice using the two top tools – we will apply them to ensure you are confident, no matter how confusing the stories may be.

INTRODUCING: You will be familiar with the Tritypes as another expansion of seeing the subtleties of the Enneatypes.

INVITATION: Please come to this workshop…I’m so grateful to make sure you have the focus you need in your work with the Enneagram!



“When you do discover your type, you will know it. Waves of relief and embarrassment, of elation and chagrin, are likely to sweep over you. Things that you have always known unconsciously about yourself will suddenly become clear, and life patterns will emerge. You can be certain that when this happens, you have identified your personality type correctly.” – Riso and Hudson

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