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Integrating Personality with Purpose and Mission
with Heather Carlile, MA, LPC

Friday Night & All Day Saturday

THE EVENT unlike any other! An unforgettable weekend intensive,
ReWriting Your Future is Heather Carlile’s comprehensive program for lifetime redesign.

The mixture of music and knowledge is just unbeatable!
- Anonymous Graduate, Feb. 2004

Heather Carlile Marriage Counselor Dallas TX

Featuring live performances by an exclusive ensemble of top studio musicians*, this advanced course takes full advantage of Heather's depth, inspiration and humor.

Packed with proven techniques I’ve used in my private practice and in my year-long small group mentoring meetings, this weekend intensive will conjure growth where you hadn’t looked, conquer self-sabotage and literally re-write your future according to your specifications. Heather is known by her students and clients as “a wizard of human nature” and a “beloved and worthy mentor.”

ReWriting Your Future: Integrating Personality with Purpose and Mission
Come join the fun and the quest!

Call 214-636-5889

*Music Ensemble: Deborah Lee, Vocals; Jason Bucklin, Guitar; Lee Tomboulian, Piano;
John Adams, Bass; Mike Drake, Percussion.

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music by Royalty Free Music from The Music Bakery

Royalty Free Music: The Music Bakery