Future Fit Leadership Development for Women Workshops

Future Fit Leadership Development for Women 

There has never been a better time for women in leadership.

Never before.

ACTUAL CHANGE: Are you seeking leadership skills about how we actually change and how we find the full dimensions of our clarity and practicality despite the limitations we typically experience?

Archetypes at Work™ is a cutting-edge method to assess and develop people and organizations. The interconnected future has arrived and it has an embodied language. (See archetypesatwork.com)

NEED A VISION: Never before have we lived in a time such as this. And, we have need of a vision for exactly what we need to improve.

BEYOND THE TRADITIONS: But it’s never been done before. The severity of our imbalance has increased so that those of us in leadership realize the old methods are ineffective if not unhealthy. We can’t continue to support the traditional philosophies.

We are looking for those who are at the cutting edge and have pivoted in a new direction for equality, health and meaning.

We don’t have a precedent in all of recorded history.

We are making this up as we go along.

We are finding things which make it worse.

We are finding things which are incremental improvements.

We are looking for the fundamental truths so that we aren’t just randomly trying new ways. There is a worldwide community of innovators doing just that – successfully!

FUTURIST: I was born a futurist. I grew up on a homestead in Northern Saskatchewan and escaped to the Western Canada Acting Conservatory. My life has unfolded over four continents and I settled on a new profession: psychology. I found it so stunted and inhumane that I’ve become known for my unusual methods and intensives.

THE NATURAL SPHERE OF THE FEMALE: As one of my fellow futurists, Riane Eisler, writes in her book, “Nurturing Our Humanity,” we need new narratives and a new language which reflect equality and partnership. That context will lift us out of the dominator society. And, as my favorite futurist, Gerd Leonhard has concluded, we have surpassed the digital culture and AI. We are ready to turn away from industry, weapons and markets in order to foster our planet, people, purpose and prosperity. It’s a time for whole-brained solutions. That is the natural sphere of the female. And, these ten archetypes are signposts of our truth. These ten roles are common to any people… language…in any culture…in any time.


THE MATERIALIST LADDER: The old ways try to focus on finding success through the material world. We have evolved that philosophy to the point where it has become, not only unhealthy, but injurious. Regardless of which continents we examine, the structures, the perceptions and the belief systems espoused are hitting a glass ceiling for humanity.

As women, we understand the glass ceiling.

It’s not time to look at the ceiling! Climbing the materialist ladder to success is outdated. It is time to expand, personally and professionally, into the beauty, order and profundity of human life on this beautiful planet.

THE TRUTH OF GOODNESS: Yes, it is time to capitalize on the improvements we have achieved…we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. But, we do need to use that wheel for taking care of each other. Let’s walk away from the blindness and the imbalance which have brought us up short. If we continue to go in this direction, we have proven that it will only get more competitive, more warlike, and more divisive rather than grounded on the basic truth of goodness.

THE FUTURE FIT TRIO: Lynn, Pamela and I discovered an international organization with a different perspective so exciting that we entered the immersive training program!

ARCHETYPES AT WORK™ is designed for empowerment, equality and success.

A NEW LANGUAGE: Archetypes at Work™, gives us both the truth and the methods. This is one of those innovations which is not incremental. It is, in essence, a new language which is so consistent it is also ancient and basic human truth. Rather than the ladder to success, we examine all five Realms of our lives: Order, Relationships, Creativity, Change and Action. They elegantly match the values of futurists and the five tenets of truth.


UNIVERSAL TRUTH: Archetypes at Work™ is remarkable for connecting both the universal truths of human goodness and for introducing a language which is not just the next step. We know that we need to pivot in an historically new direction. This is not a linear extension of the next step of improvement based on competition or economic achievement.
















SELF ASSESSMENT: Archetypes at Work™ offers a full self-assessment of your roles with the Archetype Preferences Report™, the APR for $300. Your APR includes a one-hour DeBrief with one of us.

You can also get a mini free introductory assessment for your top three and bottom two archetypes if you go to this address:   https://archetypesatwork.com/assessment/

TEN ARCHETYPES: Our workshops introduce each of the ten Archetypes by embodying its unique perspective using gestures, mindfulness, movement and interactive exercises.

RELATIONSHIPS: We start with our relationships, of course. That’s where it always starts, with people. We use detailed definitions of the optimum of each human ability for our careers and for collaborating with our loved ones and our coworkers without waste for the efficient achievement of success in our endeavors.

WOMEN INVITE US INTO A BETTER WORLD: With glimpses of equality, women see that we do have hope. We are awakening that it is at last our turn to articulate and invite our people into a better world.

                                                        ~ ~ ~

Future Fit Leadership, with Heather Carlile 214-636-5889, Lynn McCracken 214-470-7752 and Pamela Twigg 301-338-0409, brings us together with a new perspective and new flexibility.

GENUINE CARE: We start with ourselves and with universal truths about people. We nurture our families, we stand against harm at all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Women and children have been harmed by all of this for thousands of years, so we know it very well. When we listen to our powerful planet and our genuine care for people, those universal truths are always waiting.

OUR BETTER TOMORROWS: It’s time. It’s time to be Future Fit. We are forming a balanced view. We’re not warring against, we’re not pointing the finger, we are turning in a direction of such truth, that we walk away from victimhood, defense and blame. We pivot towards respect for all life and the ability to protect all life with heartfelt discernment and artfulness.

STORYTELLERS: We become the great storytellers. Archetypes are the icons, the context and the codes which build vision. Like the wonder of Disney, we use the method of fast forward, of skirting nay-sayers, of courageously staying true to the unforgettable teachers. The storytellers, from the ages of all times, are the visionaries, the teachers, the leaders which keep our attention and inspire our action.

Join us and learn this remarkable embodied language for our better tomorrows.

SELECT YOUR KEY: Learn to invite any of your ten roles to take the stage when you need that ability. Each of us has the key to call on our ten internal allies who are ‘waiting for us in the wings.’

A GAME CHANGER: Archetypes at Work™ gives us that clear reflection of human dimensions and human abilities. Each of the ten archetypes also clarifies when human abilities are out of balance.  For example, the Sovereign becomes too much…too powerful and controlling, and can also be too little…weak and undeveloped.

We are so excited to share this new method…it’s a ‘game changer’!

Future Fit Leadership for Women Workshops

PREPARATION: Archetype Preferences Report™ APR + DeBrief $300

Call us to purchase your token.

Start your 2024 with MORE!

ZOOM SCHEDULE (which will be recorded) ~ SEVEN THURSDAYS 90 min

January 18 & 25

February 08 & 22

March 07 & 21

April 04

EST 7:00 – 8:30 PM ~ CST 6:00 – 7:30 PM ~ PST 4:00 – 5:30 PM

WORKSHOPS REGISTRATION: $350 ($300 if registered by December 15)

SIGN UP NOW….GO TO: https://heathercarlile.com/product/future-fit-leadership-for-women-five-realms-of-growth/

FULL REGISTRATION: $350 + $300 (APR) = $650 ($600 before Dec. 15)

The Future Fit Trio: Heather Carlile 214-636-5889, Lynn McCracken 214-470-7752 and Pamela Twigg 301-338-0409, collaborate as futurists and utilize Archetypes at Work™, a new scientifically-validated method to assess and develop people and organizations.

Archetype Preferences Report

Archetype Preferences Report De-Briefer

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