Relationship and Marriage Success Class

Designer Marriage Handbook

Designer Marriage Handbook

2016 CEU Classes – Every 3rd Friday starting in June

with Heather Carlile

THREE Credit Hours for LPC and LMFT $60

($70 at the door)

Friday, June 17, 2016 from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM.

TEACHING WHAT I SEE AND DO: This year my goal is to share my best with you and my colleagues. I’ve been asked by my peers and my clients to reach more people with the methods I use. In our profession, each of us accumulates experience over the years. Every client is a new puzzle and evokes different skills in us to move through the labyrinth of healing towards health. It is my hope that I can help you see with more clarity, communicate successfully and counsel with more confidence. I am ready to share what I see and what I do.

HOW TO USE THE METHODS: I’ll share my best tools and I’ll show you how I use them. We create a private practice experience with each class. You can observe and question my work to understand how I think about the puzzle and how I strategize my approaches. And, the class will benefit by what you bring to the conversation.

FREEDOM TO USE MY MATERIALS: The workshop includes handouts and a link to online Premium Content such as my slides, videos, study guides and audio tracks along with my permission to use them yourself and/or for your clients.

Starbucks Coffee Served.

Heather Carlile has been assigned these CEU Provider Numbers for the State of Texas:

LPC CEU Provider #1448

Effective 08/31/07 to present

LMFT CEU Provider #255

Effective 09/12/07 to present

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